Key Features

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HUDblue’s innovative design is a powerhouse of No-limit, Texas Hold’em information . . . all just a mouse click away.

We realize that individual playing styles very widly and that there is a need to customize HUD profiles to individual preferences.

As a result, all purchased HUD profiles have “Add-On Permissions” activated that allow users full customization of HUD properties.

The following “Permissions” are activated with each HUD.

Delete HUD Pop-Ups,  Assign HUD Pop-Ups,  Add Hud Groups,  Delete HUD Groups,  Move HUD Stats ,  Add HUD Stats,  Columns Expression Visible ,  Add HUD Pop-Ups, Variables Expression Visible,  Delete HUD Stats,  Stats  Value Expression Visible,  Edit Item Color Ranges,  Edit HUD Group Properties,  Edit Statistic Colors,  Edit Item Properties.

Note: Trial versions can not be altered.

HUDblue profiles conform to Poker Stars “3 Color Rule” for color ranges and are fully compatible.

Key Table Groups and Pop-ups.

Color Coded Stats” allow for fast and accurate visual assessment of your Villain’s playing ranges and help establish a quick profile of his overall approach to game strategy.

“Extended Stats” and “Pin Menu feature allows you to keep your Villain’s extended menu on the table for quick access.

“Range Chartsin 5% increments from 5-50% help to visualize your Villains hand selection and what hands are profitable for you to play against him.

 “NASH Equilibrium” and “NASH Solution” delivers a mathematical edge when you reach heads-up play.

“Outs Percentage/Odds” and Call Equity” tables simplify calling decisions and pot odds calculations.

“Bet Sizing” and “Raise Sizing” tables insure precise bet management.

“Filling a Draw” and “Over-Card Odds” tables makes establishing pot odds and calling odds an easy task.

   “PT Winning Ranges” from PokerTracker research.

“Stack Management” offers advice on how to play your stack size for maximum efficiency based on Big Blinds .

“Tournament M-Zone” offers insightful advice to help keep you big stacked and in the game

“Hold’em Hands” is a listing of possible two card hands in No-limit, Texas Hold’em.

“HUDblue Notes” gives instructions on how to use the current HUD profile.

Note: These features will vary depending on the chosen HUD Profile.

Run well and pro$per.