HUDblue offers Custom PokerTracker 4 HUDs for No-Limit, Texas Hold’em, MTT and CASH games.


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Run well and pro$per.


HUDblue designs custom PokerTracker 4 HUDs for the online poker community. We are an official “PokerTracker 4 Premium Add-on Developer”. HUDblue offers No-limit, Texas, Hold’em poker HUD software and distributes it through your existing PokerTracker 4 application.

PokerTracker 4 HUD Profiles by HUDblue features both a 6-Max HUD and a MTT HUD with color coded stat ranges that make quick and accurate player reads possible. No complicated interface . . .  just the most important HUD statistics delivered in a simple, easy to read format. Also available is our excusive Coaching Add-on that can be integrated into either of our PokerTracker 4 HUD profiles.

NOTE: Coaching Versions are the exact same HUD profiles but they have HUDblue’s innovative “Coaching Add-on” embedded. The “Coaching Add-on” is a valuable addition that will give beginner players the extra poker edge they need to learn the game of No Limit, Texas Hold’em. It is loaded with game play information and helpful poker coaching advice that can be accessed right on the playing table. No fumbling through books or playing sheets . . .it’s all just a mouse click away.

HUDblue profiles include “HUD Permissions” that allow for complete customization to suit individual preferences.

Run well and pro$per.