HUDblueΒ Tutorial

Important Definitions

PokerTracker 4 Database Software:

Pokertracker 4 is a software application that gathers hand histories from poker clients and stores that information on your computer. The info stored in the hand history files can be accessed by the application to create a wide variety of reports and graphs, etc. This information is then available for in depth post play analysis of not only your results and statistical data, but that of your Villains as well.

HUD (Heads-Up-Display)Profile:

A HUD profile is a feature within PokerTracker 4 that gathers statistical data from the hand histories collected by the application. The HUD displays that information in real time on an overlay for each player on top of your active game table.

  • PokerTracker HUD profiles can be configured to display a customized array of stats for the game type of your choice. i.e.Β  Cash, MTT, SNG, Heads-Up etc.
  • The PokerTracker 4 application will support multiple HUD Profiles that can be assigned for each game type. Cash, MTT, SNG, Heads-up etc.
  • PokerTracker 4 HUD Profiles can be used with any poker client that allows hand histories to be collected. As a result, HUDblue HUDs will preform on the same sites because the profiles are constructed within the PokerTracker 4 application.

Step 1

PokerTracker 4 HUD tutorial video.

Step 2

Watch as many of the “PokerTracker LeakTracker” videos as you need to familiarize yourself with what each HUD statistic is representing, how it is calculated and what it’s “Winning Ranges” are.

PokerTracker, Leak Tracker, 3Bet video.

Step 3

A pop-up guide of HUDblue’s “Color Coding” and added table groups is available by selecting “HUDblue Notes” from the “Appendix Side Bar” menu. This pop-up is an overview of the basic strategy and function of HUDblue’s color coded stats and related table groups.

HUDblue CSca, 6-Max Cash HUD, "Appendix Bar" and associated menu.

HUDblue Tca, MTT (Coaching Version) HUD usage instructions and comments.

Also available from the Appendix Side Bar is a FAQs page that reviews not only frequently asked questions but also provides some helpful tips for using the HUD.

HUDblue Tca, MTT (Coaching Version) HUD FAQS and playing tips.

Stats for the 6-Max HUD are keyed to the wider playing ranges encountered in short handed play.

Stats for the MTT/SNG HUD are keyed to tighter ranges of Full Ring games

The following chart lists those ranges and is also accessed from the Appendix Side Bar.

List of PokerTracker's, Leak Tracker published, Winning Ranges for Full Ring, 6-Max and Heads-up play.

NOTE: The above playing ranges are established as “Winning Player Ranges” through PokerTracker research and are published in their LeakTracker Videos”.

Step 4

😎 Contact Us with any questions or comments you may have. 😎

Step 5

“Run well and pro$per”.