Innovative HUDblue Features deliver a powerhouse of No-limit,

Texas Hold’em information . . . all just a mouse click away.

Poker is a game of incomplete information, influenced by variance, and luck of the draw. With that said it pays to pay attention and gather all the information you can as fast as you can. That’s why 90%+ of online poker players use a poker HUD to gather and display real time statistics on opponents.

The HUD is an “Edge Builder”..

Playing online poker without a HUD is in effect, “giving up much of your edge”.

Who makes the best poker HUD software can be debated. However, there is no doubt that the vast majority of online players use and trust PokerTracker 4. That’s why HUDblue is teamed up with PokerTracker to make sure you maintain “your edge” over your Villains.

Key Table Groups and Pop-ups.

NOTE: The following table groups and pop-up are not represented in scale to each other.

To see ‘Table Groups” and “Pop-ups” in scale click here.

“Individual Player Stats” table groups.

“Color Coded Stats allow for fast and accurate visual assessment of your Villain’s playing

ranges and help establish a quick profile of his overall approach to game theory.

BLUE is good . . .  the HUD stat is within the “PokerTracker Winning Range”.

RED is risky . . . the HUD stat is on the loose/aggressive side of the “Winning Range”.

CYAN is tight . . . the HUD stat is on the tight/passive side of the “Winning Range”.


“Cash Button” table group and pop-up.




MTT  “Stack Size Button” table group and related and pop-up.











HUDblue Pop-Up Groups Photo

The above extended HUD stats pop-ups are accessed from the “Individual Player Stats table group.

GREEN title bars on pop-ups indicate positive moves.

RED title bars on pop-ups indicate negative moves.

“Extended Stats” and “Pin Menu” feature allows you to keep

your Villain’s extended menu on the table for quick access.








HUDblue’s extended stats menu is color coded which makes for quicker reads on your villains playing style.

The Action Bar and Last three Winners Table Groups.

The following pop-up, playing charts are accessible by selecting from the “Action Bar” table group menu.

“NASH Equilibrium and “NASH Solution” delivers a mathematical edge when you reach heads-up play.










“Outs Percentages/Odds” and “Calling Odds” and “Call Equity” tables simplify calling decisions and pot odds calculations.

The “Outs Percentages/Odds” table is Color Coded as follows:

  • RED  ZONE = High risk
  • ORANGE ZONE = Medium risk draws
  • GREEN ZONE = High probability draws


“Filling a Draw” and “Over-Cards” tables makes establishing pot odds and calling odds an easy task.

“Bet Sizing” andRaise Sizing” tables insure precise bet management.

“Range Chartsin 5% increments from 5 – 50% help to visualize your Villains

hand selection and what hands are profitable for you to play against him.

RED represents the hands in a given range.

GREEN represents the hands that have a 50%+ chance against that range.







The Appendix Bar Table Group






The following pop-ups are available by selecting from the above “Appendix Bar” menus.

Note: Pop-ups will vary depending on the chosen HUD Profile.

“Heads Up Hand Ranking” pop-up.

“PT Winning Ranges” pop-up (from PokerTracker research).

“Small Ball Poker” pop-up.

“LAG Tactics” pop-up.

“Playing Styles” and “Player Profiles” pop-ups.








“HUDblue Notes” pop-up is an overview how to use the current HUD profile.

“HUDblue FAQ’s” and “Playing Tips” pop-up.

Coaching Bar Table Group

One of 76 randomized Hold’em facts or playing tips will display each time you click anywhere in the coaching bar.







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