HUDblue offers Professional PokerTracker 4 HUDs for

No-Limit, Texas Hold’em, MTT / SNG and CASH games.


HUDblue offers professional PokerTracker 4 HUDs for sale to the online poker community. We are an official “PokerTracker 4 Premium Add-on Developer ” that designs poker HUD software and distributes it through your existing PokerTracker 4 application.

HUDblue features both a 6 Max Cash HUD and a MTT/SNG HUD with color coded stat ranges that make quick and accurate player reads possible. No complicated interface… just the facts delivered in a simple in an easy to read format.  Also available is a “Coaching Add-on” that can be integrated into either of our PokerTracker 4 HUD profiles.

All HUDblue profiles include “Permissions” that allow for complete customization to suit individual preferences.

Choose a poker HUD free trial if you want a test drive. . . see what we are all about.

Player Stats

Pop-Up Groups –  Extended Player Stats

Action Bar Pop-Up Groups

6 Max Cash HUD


HUDblue CS is an excellent choice for the faster pace of short handed play and is the ideal HUD for multi-table grinders. Color coded stat ranges are optimized for the wider ranges encountered in 6 Max play.
This HUD profile also includes our handy math pop-up tables and range charts. As a result, these unique pop-ups make sizing up your Villain and making effective playing decisions an easy task.

As a result, this is an extremely strong HUD profile for those players who wish to maximize their ROI.

Own the tables with this HUD profile.

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Are you tired of dealing with two different looking HUDs

when playing MTT’s and CASH games ?

Here’s the solution. These “Companion HUDs” are visually identical and vary only in  game function.


Free 14 Day Trial – Both HUDs         Purchase both HUDS  –  $59.95



HUDblue T is a powerhouse of information designed to get you into the money.  It is empowered with innovative color coded stat ranges and handy math pop-up tables and range charts that will help keep you focused on your “A” game. As a result, these unique pop-ups make sizing up your Villain and formulating effective playing decisions an easy task.

This HUD profile is an indispensable tool for any MTT/SNG player .

Run deep and cash big with this HUD profile.

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Coaching Add-on

If your new to the game or have a friend who is this is a

great Add-on which can be added to either HUD profile.

Intermediate and advanced players also enjoy this add-on.

Maybe you would also . . . check it out!


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Run well and pro$per.