PokerTracker 4 HUD Profiles by HUDblue.

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The HUDblue Mission.

HUDblue is committed to advancing the game of online poker by developing user friendly PokerTracker HUDs. We are proud to be an official “PokerTracker 4 Premium Add-on Developer”. HUDblue offers both PokerTracker CASH HUDs and MTT HUDS for No-limit, Texas Hold’em. The MTT HUD also preforms well as a SNG HUD. PokerTracker 4 software can be used on all major poker clients. As a result, HUDblue profiles will also perform well with your favorite poker clients.

HUDblue Heads-Up-Displays were developed with three goals in mind.

(1)   Create easy access and interpretation of vital player statistics.

All HUDblue profiles are built on the traditional model of poker HUD design. As a result, you receive just the most important HUD stats presented in orderly, easy-to-read table groups that include numerous pop-ups that display expanded statistical information. Because the design is simple and uncluttered there are no confusing user interfaces to contend with. Keeping the user interface simple and displaying only the most useful HUD stats allows for a faster read on your opponents.

(2)   Bring the math of No-limit, Texas Hold’em into clear and useful view.

It’s a fact…poker is a game of incomplete information and playing it well requires an understanding of some basic math.

However, it’s not rocket science. . . and it’s not complicated. None the less, it’s necessary part of the game. The good news is we have included helpful, math, pop-up tables into the design of our profiles that make those computations easier and faster. For instance, you will find useful tables and charts such as Outs Percentages, Calling Equity, Drawing Odds, Raising Odds, and Over Card Odds. All of these pop-ups and more are accessible with just a single click of your mouse from HUDblue’s exclusive “Action Bar” and “Appendix Bar”.

And for those that desire an extra edge there is a Coaching Version for each of our HUD profiles.

(3)   Offer that product at an equitable price point.

6-Max Cash HUD                 $29.95

Coaching Version                $39.95

MTT / SNG HUD                   $29.95

 Coaching Version               $39.95

Both HUDs  (save 25%)     $49.95

Coaching Versions             $69.95

NOTE: The above prices reflects our  “COVID-19 Lockdown Sale” pricing.

PokerTracker 4 packaging.

PokerTracker 4 HUD profiles use the real time Vector HUD Engine.

As a result, PokerTracker 4 powers the most advanced heads-up display available for online poker players. The PokerTracker 4 software application allows players full customization of HUD stats, reports, automated notes and currency. In addition, the user interface is responsive and instinctive to use.

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Run well and pro$per.