HUD permissions allow for easy HUD customization.

Want to change something? No problem…

We realize that individual playing styles very widely and there can be a need to customize HUD profiles to individual preferences. Although we have incorporated the most popular HUD stats into our poker HUDs you may want to do some tweaking. As a result, all purchased HUD profiles have “HUD Permissions” activated that allow users full customization of HUD properties.

NOTE: It is recommended that once your HUD profile has been downloaded and installed that you duplicate the profile and make any desired changes in the duplicate profile. This procedure protects your changes in the event of a profile update from HUDblue.

HUDblue profiles conform to Poker Stars 3 Color Rule” for color ranges and are fully compatible.

NOTE: Poker HUD free trial offers allow only limited changes to be made.

The following “HUD Permissions” are activated with each poker HUD trial.

All “HUD Permissions” are activated with purchased HUD profiles.

Run well and pro$per.