Even the Pros need coaching once and a while.

HUDblue’s innovative “Coaching Add-On is designed to help beginners and intermediate players improve their understanding of the game of No-limit, Texas Hold’em. This add-on is embedded into either one of our standard HUD profiles to create a “Coaching Version” of that profile. It expands the knowledge base of those HUD profiles without changing the HUD’s statistical data collection or display. The coaching version of the HUD delivers the exact same statistical information but has additional visuals added into some of the extended “Player Stats Pop-ups”. In addition, the expanded “Appendix Bar” menu contains additional reference tables that are helpful reminders of Hold’em play. The “Coaching Bar” addition contains a wealth of Hold’em facts and playing tips that are helpful for ANY level of player skill. It’s all just a mouse click away.

Organizational layout of HUDblue table groups on a full ring table.

The “Coaching Add-on “includes an expanded “Appendix Side Bar” (outlined in MAGENTAΒ in the above screen shot). Added coaching information and reference charts are accessed from there. Other coaching tips are attached to the extended information pop-ups that are accessed from the “Individual Player Stats” table groups.

Appendix Bar Additions Include:

  • Heads Up Hand Ranking
  • PT Winning Ranges
  • Small Ball Poker
  • LAG Tactics
  • Playing Styles
  • Player Profiles

The “Coaching Bar” (outlined in GREEN in the above screen shot) contains 76 randomized Hold’em facts and playing tips that are accessed one at a time by clicking anywhere in the bar.

Coaching Add-On Table Groups and Pop-Up Groups.

Pop-up coaching charts that are accessed from HUDblue's Appendix Bar.

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