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The next step . . Supercharge your HUD

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Supercharge your HUD.

A car is similar to your HUD. A car needs gas to get you where you want to go. Your HUD needs hand histories. The more the better.

The HUD collects hand histories of Villains you play against in real time. Therefore, it can take some time to collect dependable stats on your opponents. And even then, you will only have stats on players you have played against. What if you had stats on them that weren’t collected in live play?

More is better.

Some stats converge faster than others to produce a reliable read. For instance, preflop stats will take less hands (as few as 20) than post flop hands(1,000 + ).  VPIP and PFR only take about 20 hands to build a usable read. However Preflop 3-bet needs around 200  hands .

If your playing a SNG you may only need 10 hands to expose a Villain’s playing strategy. However, full ring will require more hands.

Who is this Guy?

Another factor is who are you playing? If he’s a fish his stats will expose his limpy tendencies faster. However, if your up against a REG you will want more hands to get quality reads.

So what can you do to bring your HUD online with dependable stats?

Buy some Hand Histories.

That’s right…you can buy hand histories of Villains you haven’t even played against yet. What a bonus!

There are numerous companies that data-mine Hand Histories from all the major online poker sites 24/7 and offer that information for sale.

A quick Google  search will yield many options for this service. Spend some time and check around for sites that data-mine your favorite poker sites and get familiar with your options. You can find Hand Histories for Cash games as well MTT and SNG  formats.

Here are a couple of our favorite hand history sites.



Most companies offer Bulk Package downloads and many have subscription services available so your database always stays up to date. Others even allow you to stream hand histories on a 5 minute delay while you are playing.

Your choices are many. Check it out and Supercharge your HUD today!

Run well and pro$per.