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The six people in Heads-up play.

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It’s been established that there are six people involved in any two way conversation.

Sounds crazy doesn’t’ it ? But…upon examination I think you will agree.

So who are these people?

 Well…let’s take you and I for instance.

  1. There is you.
  2. There is me.
  3. There is who you think I am.
  4. There is who I think you are.
  5. There is who you think I think you are.
  6. There is who I think you think I am.

If you think back through conversations you have had I’m sure you will be able to recognize the concept.

So you ask. . . what doe’s this have to do with poker?

Let’s apply this concept to your hand verses my hand in Heads-up play.

  1. There is your hand.
  2. There is my hand.
  3. There is the hand you think I have.
  4. There is the hand I think you have.
  5. There is the hand you think I think you have.
  6. There is the hand I think you think I have.

Now . . .  apply this revelation to a multi-way pot. 

It’s no wonder they call it gambling.

And it’s just a little bit more incentive to work on our hand reading and ranging skills.

Check out these top three Google search results for help.

Hand Ranges / Hand Reading in poker

Hand Reading at the Macros

Poker Hand Reading Tricks

Run well and pro$per.



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Your HUD and YOU.

Your poker HUD and You must WORK together.

We all have our own strategies for winning the game of No-limit, Texas Hold’em. That’s what makes it such a challenging game.

It’s a thinking mans game clouded with incomplete information and punctuated with many pitfalls and exhilarating highs. However, there are time proven approaches to the game that create a winning strategy.

Information is key and the ability to sort through and correctly react to what is known and what is not known is the difference between success and failure.

Your poker HUD is your only friend at the table…everyone else is you enemy. Keep in mind that 90%+ of your Villains at the table are probably in the same situation.

Your HUD is your “Poker Book Keeper” and you are the CEO.

The responsibility rests on your own shoulders

to play your best and generate a profit.

Soooo…How do you meet the challenge?

Some suggestions:

(1)  First off…learn what each stat in your HUD is representing and how to interpret it.

If you don’t know what a poker stat percentage is telling you can’t make an informed decision.

Note: PokerTracker’s “Leak Tracker Videos” are great source that explains in easy to understand poker language what each statistic is, how it is calculated and what the winning ranges for that statistic is.

(2)  NEVER allow your HUD statistics to be the sole factor in your decision for making any poker move.

Practice situational thinking and consider the other elements that are or might be involved.

i.e. table position, stack size, personalities etc, The list goes on and on…

(3) Learn to trust your final decision. You won’t always be right but over time you will learn what works and what doesn’t.

Experiment with different moves and don’t be afraid to fail. Remember what Thomas Edison said.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

And… “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

(4)  Never stop studying the game. Poker is to involved to think that you have learned all you need. Learn from others who are more experienced …ask questions, study their play and read their books.

(5)  Study your hand histories away from the game. PokerTracker 4 is the most used poker database software on the market. It’s become the standard for a whole industry of copycats. That’s why HUDblue decided to build our HUDs within the PokerTracker application. Most people buy it for it’s HUD capabilities but it can generate a vast array reports and graphs that can be customized and filtered to your own requirements. Use that advantage to boost your edge in a game that takes no prisoners.

(6)  Enlist outside help with your understanding of the game. Join poker forums, subscribe to poker strategy sites and when you make a bit of profit invest in professional lessons. One of the best sites we have found is “Transform My Poker”. Check them out. Invest in your success.

(7)  Always remember that you are gambling. Variance is always involved and poker is a long term game. Over time you will be as lucky as you are unlucky. Don’t make it personal (tilt is your enemy) when you get a bad beat. It’s just part of the game.

As always we hope you…Run well and pro$per

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The next step . . Supercharge your HUD

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Supercharge your HUD.

A car is similar to your HUD. A car needs gas to get you where you want to go. Your HUD needs hand histories. The more the better.

The HUD collects hand histories of Villains you play against in real time. Therefore, it can take some time to collect dependable stats on your opponents. And even then, you will only have stats on players you have played against. What if you had stats on them that weren’t collected in live play?

More is better.

Some stats converge faster than others to produce a reliable read. For instance, preflop stats will take less hands (as few as 20) than post flop hands(1,000 + ).  VPIP and PFR only take about 20 hands to build a usable read. However Preflop 3-bet needs around 200  hands .

If your playing a SNG you may only need 10 hands to expose a Villain’s playing strategy. However, full ring will require more hands.

Who is this Guy?

Another factor is who are you playing? If he’s a fish his stats will expose his limpy tendencies faster. However, if your up against a REG you will want more hands to get quality reads.

So what can you do to bring your HUD online with dependable stats?

Buy some Hand Histories.

That’s right…you can buy hand histories of Villains you haven’t even played against yet. What a bonus!

There are numerous companies that data-mine Hand Histories from all the major online poker sites 24/7 and offer that information for sale.

A quick Google  search will yield many options for this service. Spend some time and check around for sites that data-mine your favorite poker sites and get familiar with your options. You can find Hand Histories for Cash games as well MTT and SNG  formats.

Here are a couple of our favorite hand history sites.



Most companies offer Bulk Package downloads and many have subscription services available so your database always stays up to date. Others even allow you to stream hand histories on a 5 minute delay while you are playing.

Your choices are many. Check it out and Supercharge your HUD today!

Run well and pro$per.